Forever and Never Young

Kahla Moon. 20. Leo. Lycoming College. Theatre. Voice. Ukulele. Fencing. Reading. Tea. Christmas Lights. Necklaces. High Heels. Eyeliner. Blue. Orange. Grey. Birds. Owls. Sloths. Ameteur Photography. Shadows. Sleep. Books. Note-Taking. Frederick. Scotland. Texting. Talking. Laughing. Loving. Living.

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Nobody’s going to save you. No one’s going to cut you down, cut the thorns thick around you. No one’s going to storm the castle walls nor kiss awake your birth, climb down your hair, nor mount you onto the white steed. There is no one who will feed the yearning. Face it… Do it yourself.
— Gloria Anzaldua (via loveyourchaos)

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Till the world explodes
Till there’s no one left
Who has ever known us apart

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Rant Post:

I want to live by myself and clean my own dishes and organize my room the way I want to without anyone else’s shit in there because everyone else has too much stuff. I don’t want to keep moving to different rooms then back home where I have no where to put my things. I want to be able to leave at three in the morning if I want to. I’m ready to graduate and start my life.

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“Just so you know, with us… it’s never off the table.”

The First Ship

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